5 Tips for Being the Best Bridesmaid

Being in a wedding party is a great honor: it means that you are loved and valued so much by your friend that they want you to stand with them at their wedding. But, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with the honor, including travel costs for the bachelorette party and the wedding, and also buying the bridesmaid dress (even if it is terrible). These 5 tips can help you show the bride how much she means to you and make you the best bridesmaid ever!

  1. Start Saving Money Now! – You don’t want to be the person in the group who is always complaining about all the costs associated with the wedding. It stresses the bride out and it’s an easy way to get the other bridesmaids to be annoyed with you. Accept that you’ll be spending a good amount of money and start saving now, so that you can enjoy the whole process stress-free!
  2. Be Helpful – The bride has so much on her plate, so do whatever you can to help her with her never-ending to-do list. Whether that’s helping her assemble invitations, put together the flowers, or taking her out for a night away from the planning, do what you can to make her time easier. Remember, that’s why she picked you as a bridesmaid to begin with.
  3. Don’t Be High-Maintenance – Adding more to the bride’s stress is never a good idea. Don’t be the bridesmaid who is late ordering the dress, who waits until the last minute to get it altered, or who hasn’t yet asked for time off for the bachelorette party. And never complain to the bride about anything during this time, especially if it is wedding-related.
  4. Always Keep the Bride in Mind – This is her wedding, so when in doubt, do what she wants. After all, you’d want her to do the same for you when you get married. This means not complaining about the dress she picks for the bridesmaids, and going along with any of her scheduling plans even if you think they are crazy.
  5. Be There Throughout the Process – Wedding planning is a special time in the bride’s life, so be there with her to make it even more special. Show interest, ask her questions, give her advice if she asks, but just be a part of it all! This doesn’t mean you should be clingy or try to take over aspects of planning, but be a present friend for her. She will appreciate it immensely.

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