How to Make Your Wedding Feel Intimate

Wedding planning is always a lot harder than you think it’s going to be. From finding the perfect caterer, choosing flower arrangements, and assembling a guest list, you can get lost in your to-do list very quickly. But, it is important not to be so involved in the small details that you lose your vision for the wedding as a whole. Large weddings can be extremely fun, but it also takes more thoughtful preparation to make everyone feel valued and apart of your big day. Greeting every guest at your wedding can be impossible and stressful, so here are a few tips to help you make your wedding feel intimate even though you invited hundreds of guests!

  • Hand-Written Invitations/Placement Cards – While this takes a lot of time, your guests will sure notice the effort you put into making sure everything has a personal touch, and it will make them feel valued. Having the bride or groom write the placement cards for the reception tables will help each person feel remembered and wanted.
  • Set Up Games at the Reception – While you and your new spouse are out taking wedding pictures, your guests need something to do before you arrive at the reception! Setting out card tables or fun games like cornhole can help bring people together and get the festive spirit up.
  • Arrange Large, Long Tables – You may be limited in how you can set up the reception, but aim for a few long tables rather than smaller round ones. This creates a communal, hall-like feel where everyone feels like an equal part of the celebration. It also helps you eliminate the tough choice of picking who sits at each small table, and which tables will be closer to the head table.
  • Hire Another Bar or Bartender – Nothing is worse than standing in a long drink line at a reception or cocktail hour while everyone waits for the one bartender to make every drink. Even if you’ll only have one drink station, it goes a long way to hire an extra bartender or two to keep the line moving. Guests won’t feel like there are a million people at the wedding, and they can get back to the party faster.
  • Serve Food Family-style – Rather than dismissing everyone table-by-table to come up with their plates to get food, try bringing out the food to each table or group of people at the same time and having them divvy up the plates. There’s nothing like actually sharing a meal with others to bring everyone together. This can also be a great way to get an intimate feel if you use circular tables\

Whether you have 40 guests or 250, The Muttontown Club can help you facilitate the perfect wedding that feels intimate. Our wedding coordinators can work with you to help you choose the best options and spaces at our beautiful property. We have grand ballrooms, welcoming salons and lounges, as well as picture-perfect outdoor.